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Instructions to Fix It When Your Windows 10 Battery Is Not Charging

What to do when your PC is connected, however not charging A PC is futile without power, so it very well may be extraordinarily baffling when, for apparently no explanation, your PC isn't charging, regardless of whether the charger is connected and the battery is low. Here's the manner by which to fix it when your Windows 10 battery isn't charging, utilizing a couple of various techniques. For what reason is the Laptop Not Charging? There are various reasons why a PC probably won't charge, going from something as straightforward as you not having turned on the force attachment, to the battery itself being harmed. Odds are the issue you're confronting is some place in the middle of, including a dangerous Windows update, a messed up

What are the Names of the Important Tools to Keep Computer Safe?

Important Tools Keep Computer Safe – In today’s digital world, the security should be your priority. This means that you need some security software for your device. In this article, we are going to discuss, some important tools that are necessary for your device. For more details related to your device security, contact and talk to a skilled technician. offic

How to make ringtones for an iPhone

Have you ever heard a ringtone in a crowded place and checked your phone, only to find that a stranger had the exact same ringtone as you? The iPhone ringtone presets can feel boring and unimaginative after a while. If you’re looking for a way of customizing your iPhone, we recommend looking into creating your own ringtones. It’s easier than you think, and there are no limits to the songs and sounds you can turn into a ringtone.